A river runs through Cox land

by John F. Sugg, Creative Loafing Atlanta

And the AJC’s (Atlanta Journal Constitution) boss fights for billionaires’ right to steal public land and water in Montana by John F. Sugg

Way out west, the mountains are towering and the sky is big and blue. It’s God’s country, where men are men and women are women, a darn good arrangement. And it’s where a fellow who has been called “the most hated man in Montana” rides the trails, hunting little furry and feathered critters.He’s a media mogul and he’s from Atlanta.

No, it’s not Ted Turner, who has had critics in Montana where he owns hundreds of thousands of acres of ranch land and wilderness. “Ted has turned out OK,” says Montana state Rep. Jim Keane. “Turner will meet with people, work out issues with the people who have lived here all their lives. Once he learned how people are here, he gets along.”

The gent who has caused such ire is James Cox Kennedy -“ “Jim” to his billionaire buddies, “sir” to his 80,000 media-empire serfs, and unprintable names to many in the Big Sky state. Kennedy is the son of one of two Cox sisters, Barbara Cox Anthony (estimated worth: $12.5 billion). The family controls Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, which includes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the WSB television and radio stations, plus about 17 other daily newspapers, 14 additional TV stations and 80 radio stations. And a lot more. In Atlanta, Cox squats over the city like a gargantuan dung beetle with dysentery.

Kennedy has been accused of waging class warfare by attempting to warp Montana’s laws to suit the megarich tycoons and celebrities who are turning ranch lands into what one critic, Jackie Corr, calls “billionaire boys club” playgrounds, complete with captive herds of game animals and luxury castles the elite call hunting and fishing lodges.


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