Get Involved! Legislative Action

In Montana, most families hunt, fish, or recreate on public lands and waters. But they are an overlooked constituency. Special interests hoping to profit from privatizing public land and wildlife often prevail. But, you can be an important part of standing up for true public interest.

Every two years the legislature meets and considers important access bills.  Follow bills, attend committee hearings, and contact legislators. Citizen testimony can carry the day. Someone once said -œ The world is run by people who show up and speak up. For public access, nothing could be more correct.

Tracking Bills – The Montana Legislative website provides the full text of bills and a way of tracking the progress of bills as they proceed through committees and the floor – and, if they make it that far, if signed or vetoed by the Governor. There is a wealth of info on this site.

To look for fishing and hunting bills scroll down to “Basic Searching for Bills, - select “Search by”, choose from the drop down menu – œ”Fish and Wildlife”. Click it and you will get lists of all introduced and unintroduced bills. Click on “Bill Type -“ Number” in left hand column to get detail on bill.

You can use this page to track bills throughout the session! Click around a little bit and you will get the hang of it right away.

Contacting Legislators – E-mailing and calling representatives is very effective! A complete list of legislators and contact information can be found on the Legislative website.

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL . To call and leave a message for up to five legislators or all members of a committee call (406) 444-4800.  A slip with the message will be given to the legislator.  (Fax numbers are 444-4825 for the House and 444-4875 for the Senate.)

Snail mail addresses are:
Montana House of Representatives, PO Box 200400, Helena, MT 59620-400 or
Montana Senate, PO Box 200500, Helena, MT 59620-500

Contacting the Governor. The Governor can be contacted at Capital Station, Helena, MT 59620 or or 444-3111 . Let the Governor know if you want a bill signed or vetoed.

Public Land/Water Access Association Inc. or PLWA,
is a citizen group organized and operated under the Montana nonprofit corporation act.
The Internal Revenue Service has made a determination that PLWA qualifies as a tax- exempt
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Articles and Information on this site represent the opinion of the writer and are not intended as legal advice.
Legal counsel may be needed in dealing with specific access situations and issues.

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