Keep up the fight to keep public land public

by Jack Atcheson Sr. (PLWA past Director and President) Montana Standard

“State land is public land, once sold, public state land access is gone forever. Don’t sell it.

Attorney Jim Goetz was hired to sue DNRC for access on public state land, and maybe hinder the selling of all 5.2 million acres. We won access, but selling of public state land is in the air again.

Republican Gov. Mark Racicot believed retaining public state land was more profitable.

However, the Montana Republican Party has never supported public lands or stream access. The Legislature authorized trading of isolated sections to consolidate state public land after the land had been appraised for full value. That would include wildlife habitat, especially big game, grouse, pheasants. Even a beautiful view must be considered a high value parcel. Appraising all public state land at low grazing prices, then or today is mostly fraud to the trust…
‘I’m pleased so many others picked up where we left off. Don’t give up. It’s amazing what a small group of sportsmen can achieve, if they try often.’ “

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