Lilly Pad Trail dedicated

On July 3 , 2014 approximately 60 people gathered atop a crest of the mile-long trail to dedicate it in the memory of Ernie Strum, a longtime Red Lodge resident . This recently created trail to Lilly Pad and Crater lakes has been a 15 year effort on the part of local folks and various government agencies – most notably the Beartooth Backcountry Horsemen.

Billings Gazette Story

New Beartooth trail to be dedicated in honor of volunteer

It’s fitting that a new trail providing access to a section of state land and two lakes along the base of the Beartooth Mountains will be dedicated on the eve of the Fourth of July, said Ron Nusbaum.

-œIt truly is an American project,- said the member of the Beartooth Back Country Horsemen about a project that was first conceived in the 1990s.

Nusbaum was one of several individuals who pitched in to ensure the trail was built across a small parcel of Bureau of Land Management property. But he’s more than willing to share the credit with other folks in a variety of state and federal agencies as well as with volunteers.

-œThat list is longer than my arm,- he said. -œI spent 30 years in the federal government and never, never have I seen federal, state and private groups come together like this.-

-œThe groups just didn’t drop it,- said Jim Sparks, director of the BLM’s Billings Field Office, who helped push the work forward.


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