Opening the gate

by George Plaven, Montana Standard

“With two snips of the bolt cutters, Anaconda sportsmen unlocked public access to Modesty Creek Road Wednesday for the first time in more than 20 years.

Joined by county officials, including Chief Executive Becky Guay and commission Chairman Mark Sweeney, they removed the locks from a pair of private gates that had long closed a stretch of the road to Forest Service land.

Modesty Creek Road is located about eight miles northeast of Anaconda. It intersects with Racetrack Road and Spring Gulch Road, running to Dry Gulch.

The commission unanimously reaffirmed Modesty Creek Road as a county road at its meeting Tuesday evening, following the recommendation of Butte attorney Susan Callaghan.

Modesty Gulch Road / Modesty Creek Road - Anaconda-Deer Lodge County
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