PLWA Partnerships Benefit Montana

PLWA & MT Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Public Access Partnership
Montana Backcounty Hunters & Anglers leadership recognizes the importance of PLWA’s work, unanimously deciding to contribute $2000 to PLWA’s efforts. “We also recognize that the role filled by PLWA is outside of our capabilities, and we believe that a strong partnership between MT BHA & PLWA can help ensure the future of quality public land hunting and fishing opportunities in Montana.”
PLWA thanks MT Back country Hunters & Anglers for their valuable support and partnership. BHA makes a difference in the endless fight to protect and improve public access to Montana’s lands and waters for all Montanans.
PLWA members hunt with combat Vets
Montana Warriors On The Waters (MWOTW) held their 1st Annual Big Muddy Upland Hunt for combat veterans. “Often times, armed service men and women leaving the military lose touch with the connection with each other, and sometimes their passion for the outdoors. MWOTW is able to offer them the opportunities to network with one another, and with the outdoor community.”
Sharing their knowledge and use of their hunting dogs for this event were PLWA members Ray Pearson (center, treasurer) and Terry Wink (far left).
Pearson stated, “None of these guys had ever pheasant hunted before and I enjoyed just playing with my dogs. They’d heard about pointers, but when they actually saw a dog running full tilt across the prairie, slam on the brakes and lock up on point, one guy described it as ‘magic’. We got them all limits.”
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